Sunday, 31 August 2014

2013 has been an exceptional year in all categorizations. There have already been many releases in the past year that have brought a lot of stuff for gamers all around earth. And likewise, 2014 has started in a way that can excite most gamers off. In reality, as popular as gaming console is, there are a number of gamers who still appreciate the feel and precision of a mouse and computer keyboard a lot. Also, most of them will let you know the experience than any games console could ever be is appealing and much more immersing.

Tom Clancy's The Division

These were decimated by the Department discussions about a disorder that distribute on Black Friday in merely five days. Comprised in the Section, the player becomes essential to save what is left in the world that is rotting. Players can go up against other players in Ubisoft's exceptionally challenging third-person shooter MMO and both AI, making it one of the finest matches of the year.


Easily among the most significant releases GTA 5, sees the player take on the character of three distinct characters attempting to make a name amid the small town of Los Santos. And with a web-based offering for the same, things get significantly more realistic now.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is an upcoming space trading and combat simulator video game for PC and Linux. Star Citizen will consist of two main elements: first person space combat and trading in private servers that are customizable and a massively multiplayer persistent universe, and a branching single-player and drop-in cooperative multiplayer effort.

Slotomania Free Video Slots
For all you online casino players out there, novice or experienced, who are interested in both an exciting interface and great gaming experience, Slotomania is the game for you. Players who played this game found that it takes the gaming experience as well as the fun to the max. Highly recommended for the pure casino games lovers or even just to kill some time.

Watch Dogs

Players need to finish assignments-linear scenarios with goals that are set - to development through the narrative. The game players take control of Aiden Pearce, a grey hat hacker and vigilante. You got to play the game to consider it.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

When it comes to online shopping, many people consider it to be a huge time-saver and making their life gets simpler. It is true, the way in which we interact with people actually changed and purchase anything. India is rapidly growing to see these changes with a growing number of websites coming out to provide support that is easier and better to the consumers Now, you no longer need to go to those offline stores to recharge your phones. Mobikwik easy recharge is the answer to all of your cellular recharges, bill payment services and other stuff. It is easy to get recharge services using an impressive Android app or using their own website.

Online Recharge:

It gets really tiring to do your own occupation through another person. But, MobiKwik provides you with the alternatives of recharging your mobile at a click of a button and that too by sitting at home. Moreover, they offer plenty of services via online. Those includes paying postpaid bills or electricity, and paying through credit/debit card as well as offline payment system too.

Like Just Imagine if you are an aircel user and want to Recharge aircel prepaid online as you are now out of balance. So in order to use this service you need to visit mobikwik's website once. Like it will be great if you create an account with them and then you are just in need of providing your email address for later use. After you visit their website just enter your mobile number, the recharge amount and aircel will be automatically selected in the operator's section. After filling up you will be shown the next step which is the payment section which would be through a secured gateway and you can pay further via credit - debit card or net banking too and same like wise you can do with other operators too like bsnl prepaid recharge

Purchasing Data Cards:

Any 3G data cards can be purchased from MobiKwik. The site has a comprehensive list of information plans from all the operators to ensure that you may get a clear notion which plan would be the most comfortable for you. Just follow the process of mobile payment services in order to buy cards from MobiKwik. Also, this site allows postpaid invoices to be paid by the users only.
Customers can hugely benefit from its promotional coupons and much more.

Customer Support:

The online world completely is contingent on the way the services are dealt with by the users. It often leads to poor communication between the service provider and the user. That is why customer cares have powerful impact during the sales period. MobiKwik offers 24 x 7 customer support and they're excellent at mending individual problems of the customers. Taking surveys from their users, we got an extremely positive review on the way how their customer service interacts with their customers.

Monday, 14 July 2014

So here we are back again with a new post on a new app review: AskMe Android App Review.  Its a dedicated app for users to find businesses near by you. It had been developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt Ltd, they did a great job in making of this app which is a simple and easy to access app , very user friendly app.

This application let you search for different companies and businesses around you like finding gyms, cafes, restros etc. It let you find anything near by you in seconds and also it had been downloaded by more than 1 Million people around india, being just few days of its launch.

But one things that makes it different from crowd, Is its feature that offers you “Get great deals offered by your favorite local businesses “.

These are some of the best features AskMe App owns and is being specified by the company itself:
  • It let you Search for businesses around you
  • Get great deals offered by your favorite local businesses
  • Latest classifieds on mobile, jobs, cars, real estate and more
  • Add reviews, photos, and tips for your favorite businesses
  • Make your own listings of your favorite local businesses
  •  Read reviews to know about good businesses (and not so good) in your city
  • Share favorite businesses with friends via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Look up addresses and phone numbers for thousands of businesses, and call them instantly from ASKME app
  • Additional Business information, such as ratings, payment methods and opening hours, to help make your choice easier



Final Verdict

Well this app is suitable for all who want to search anything near by you, and is so user friendly and easy to use that any non technical person can be able to find any business near by them. Well i have used this app personally and i found it too good so i came here to provide the same information with our users.This app is available free of cost on Android- Google Play Store. Download AskMe app now.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Whether you are just about to graduate college or are transitioning to a new career, it makes sense to use social media along with traditional methods to find your dream job. Printing your resume on vinyl banners and hanging them from your window won’t get you taken seriously, but networking on Facebook and Twitter certainly will. These days 65% of recruiters use Facebook and 55% use Twitter when looking for exceptional professionals to hire, according to a survey conducted by Jobvite.
What are the best methods for utilizing Facebook and Twitter to find your next place of employment? Here are some steps you can take that may have you wearing the company t shirt to the boss’ next barbecue.

How to use Facebook?

· Add your professional information to your Facebook profile.
· Classify your contacts into two separate groups: professional contacts and social contacts. After all, you don’t want your professional friends to see everything you post and you don’t want to bore your social friends with work statistics.
· Post news concerning your company or field and “like” the comments posted by your professional friends.
· Use Facebook to network with friends that may work at a company of interest as a way to build other contacts at that same company.
How to use Twitter?
· Describe who you are and your skill set in a straightforward way. No one has time to read between the lines.
· Be yourself and share content that interests you and others in your field.
· Follow companies and professionals that you admire and would love to work for.
· Reach out to professionals with personal tweets regarding Blogs they’ve written or seminars you’ve attended. Share how you’ve applied their findings to your work.
Bottom line, if you are in search of employment don’t just rely on your resume. People want to hire like minded people with a similar passion, not people who simply ask for a job. Use Twitter and Facebook to enhance your profile (essentially building your brand) and nurture professional relationships that will open the doors to countless future employment opportunities.
Image courtesy of
Graur Razvan Ionut/
People are using Bulk SMS apps more and more each day for both personal and business needs. Why are they becoming so popular, you ask? Well, sometimes companies need to send the same information to a large group of people (employees and clients alike).
The easiest and fastest way to do so isn’t by email anymore, but by text message. It’s also worth mentioning that, according to statistics, users read most SMS about 5 minutes after they’re sent. That’s where bulk SMS apps come in!
With so many Bulk SMS apps for iPhone available on the market, it’s hard to choose the best one that fits you or your company’s needs. Here are a few of them with their pros and cons:

Mass Text Message
PROS: This app can save you a lot of time on group text messaging, allowing you to create custom groups so you no longer have to select contacts one by one. You simply select the group and send out the SMS in a jiffy. Want to share your groups with others? You can export them using this app! Also, with ReadyText, save the SMS you write just in case you need to send it out again. This app is very popular because it works as an extension of the Messaging application already standard on every iPhone.

CONS: It isn’t free, it costs 2.99$ in the App Store. A lot of banner ads appear as well, so if you don’t like advertising, this app isn’t for you.

Bulk SMS
PROS: It enables you to send SMS text messages from iPhones, iPads or iPods to one or more contacts. It has global coverage, a reliable SMS delivery, excellent support, local reply numbers, and allows quick messaging to large groups (up to 20,000 per group) and individuals.
CONS: Although free, this only includes 5 SMS Text credits; you have to purchase additional credits online. Also, some features are network and country specific.

Group SMS:
Very cost friendly, only 0.99$ in the App Store. It features an easy to use interface, allowing you to send group SMS and emails as well. Group SMS will show you the groups that are already defined in the Contacts app of your iPhone. Also, you can choose to bypass your own phone provider and select to use the SMS gateway of Group SMS instead.

CONS: Since the new update, many customers complained about SMS not going through and finding no way to delete groups once they’ve created them.
Although these apps have many amazing features and work great on the go, however nothing beats a more powerful SMS Termination solution (and even Call Termination) for a business. If possible, dig deeper into these professional solutions that will help improve the flow of information in your business.

Monday, 14 April 2014

For online merchants that host marketplaces spanning a wide variety of products like Amazon and eBay, it is a necessity to stay ahead of the curve at all times to adapt to the ever changing needs of online consumers. How do merchants like Tradusintend on keeping the focus of their devout customers? Being a one-stop-store that covers every category you would find yourself shopping in at some point in your life, customer engagement is really important. Here are a few of the reasons I believe Tradus are doing a great job.

Major Backing from Serious E-commerce Organizations
When a shop starts to make it big or the potential to become big becomes more transparent, everyone wants in on the secret. Like they say, “behind every man is a great woman”, in my opinion: behind every successful business is a an organization that knows what it’s doing. Tradus is a part of the ibibo group, which is further backed by Nasper, a Flipkart investor. Recently, and after acquiring redBus to strengthen their business as well, ibibo have made changes to the way Tradus is functioning in the e-commerce world to ensure that it’s always up to date with how real commerce is moving forward in India. Ashish Kashyap, founder and CEO of ibibo sees the pivotal change in Tradus’ business model as an opportunity to fill in “a big gap and moreover, it’s about solving a problem that no other player ever ventured into”. More on this next.

From an Online Marketplace Model to Mobile and Location Based Marketplace
It’s no secret that India’s e-commerce market has been a real win over the last few years with expectations to grow even larger in the next decade or so. Investors all over the world are excited to jump into the Indian market because of the stupendously high rate it’s growing at. The e-commerce journey is far from over in India, but already, massive merchants like Flipkart, redBus and Tradus are taking to the m-commerce world as well. M-commerce has been identified as one way to really tap into the market’s potential seeing as the number of smartphone users in India is almost double the global average at least if you consider the number of transactions that are made using a mobile phone. Transitioning to a mobile and location based marketplace was the smartest move Tradus made during the time when the use of smartphones are at an all-time high and continues to grow. Adapting to this new business model also means decreasing the proximity between buyer and seller as Tradus has made an effort to join local retailers in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai in ways that no other e-commerce company has treated m-commerce yet.  

Huge Discounts Make Tradus a Tempting Place to Shop From 
What gets people going the first few times they purchase anything from a site is how much they can afford to make a purchase. After all, bargains are meant to lure a person in but sometimes you don’t want to go for that “Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal” because let’s face it: rarely will you ever need the same product twice. Thankfully, Tradus’ discounts and deals are realistic.

You can get a decent percentage knocked off of your bill at Tradus through the use of coupon codes and promos.Tradus is active on almost every deals and discount website out there so it’s not like you’ll suffer from a shortage of discounts anytime soon. The best part about this is that these discounts count towards almost every category in Tradus so whether you’re shopping for a new smartphone, outfit or gift, Tradus has it all and has it on sale (most of the time). There are many reasons for preferring to shop at some stores over others. Most of us feel more comfortable shopping at places we know have established a name, such as Amazon, eBay and Flipkart. Yet, with everything we’ve seen Tradus come into recently, I wouldn’t be so surprised to see it creep into the top soon enough.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Asia Cup has been taking place from many years. Different teams compete in the Asia Cup as Asia Cup is one day international men’s cricket tournament. Asia Cup was established in the year 1983. The main motto of the Asia cup was to make friendly relations with the help of sports between Asian countries. The first ever Asia Cup tournament took place in United Arab Emirates in the year 1984.
Asia Cup 2014 is going to take place soon and different countries from all over Asia are going to take part in this cup. Asia Cup 2014 is going to be the 12th edition of the Asia Cup series. Asia Cup 2014 will take place in Bangladesh and it will take place from 25th February to 8th March. Pakistan is going to be the defending champions in Asia Cup 2014.
Four nations are going to take part in this tournament and these are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ICC Associate members from Afghanistan will also be present in this tournament. Asia Cup 2014 will be the first ever 50 over tournament in which Afghanistan will take part. A total of 11 matches are to be played in Asia Cup 2014. 

The schedule for Asia Cup 2014 is as follows:-
1              Tuesday, Feb 25               Pakistan vs Sri Lanka       Fatullah                1:30 PM
2              Wednesday, Feb 26        India vs Bangladesh        Fatullah                1:30 PM
3              Thursday, Feb 27              Afghanistan v Pakistan  Fatullah                1:30 PM
4              Friday, Feb 28                   India vs Sri Lanka                 Fatullah              1:30 PM
5              Saturday, March 01         Bangladesh v Afghanistan    Fatullah        1:30 PM
6              Sunday, March 02            India v Pakistan Mirpur  1:30 PM
7             Monday, March 03           Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka     Mirpur             1:30 PM
8              Tuesday, March 04          Bangladesh vs Pakistan Mirpur  1:30 PM
9              Wednesday, March 05   India vs Afghanistan       Mirpur  1:30 PM
10           Thursday, March 06        Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Mirpur  1:30 PM
FINAL    Saturday, March 08         TBC Vs TCB          Mirpur  1:30 PM

Indian Players which you would be able to see in Asia Cup 2014 are going to be:-
·         Mahendra Singh Dhoni
·         ShikharDhawan
·         ViratKohli
·         CheteshwarPujara
·         AjinkyaRahane
·         Rohitsharma
·         RavindraJadeja
·         RavichadranAshwin
·         AmbatiRayudu
·         Mohammed Shami
·         Bhuvneshwar Kumar
·         Varun Aaron
·         Amit Mishra
·         Ishwar Pandey
·         Duncan Fletcher
This is all the info which we have till date related to Asia Cup 2014. We will keep our blog updated with the latest info related to Asia Cup 2014 and cricket so keep visiting our website or more updates.

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