Monday, 27 April 2015

Being a coffee or tea fan what is better than getting your favorite beverage right at your doorstep. Beveragewala is there for such people. They provide the best brands of tea and coffee from all over India as well as other countries. Currently they have around 90 brands that cover about 1000 products. Even if the users can’t find their choice of product they just have to name the product and Beveragewala will get it for you. This is one more feature that makes them one of a kind besides the fact that today in India they are the first online sellers who particularly deal in tea and coffee. 
They have a reward point system as well. After signing up, users get 25 reward points. This will help them getting better discounts further during their purchases on Beveragewala. They also provide the customers free shipping for a bill of over Rs. 750. Users can also gift tea items and gift hampers for their friends and family through Beveragewala. The gift hampers start from just Rs. 200. They have various amazing deals for the customers as well as tea accessories. In the tea category the user gets iced tea, slimming tea or the herbal tea, tea infusers, red tea, tea premix, flavored tea and many more. As for coffee they get espresso coffee, filter coffee, hot chocolate, Arabica coffee and decaffeinated coffee as well.
These are just a few broad names. There are almost 90 brands that provide those goods. So the consumer has a very wide range to choose from. There is high probability that the beverages that aren’t available on the usual traditional stores near our residence will be available on this website or can be made available there very easily. Customer’s wishes are their top most priority. They also provide an easy return policy. They have also made contracts with various discount coupon websites which helps them to provide their product with best prices and deals to its customers. They also give free reward points on filling the feedback form they provided. There is also an option of BeveragePedia option that provides information about various tea and coffee products their medicinal value and much more that are available on Beveragewala.
Manish Hada and his wife Puja Hada who are actually the founders of Beveragewala worked hard to get this idea into existence. After one year of completion they are quite content with the journey and also strive to work harder in the coming future so that they can attain a very comfortable position in the ecommerce market. They do feel that they are limiting the options for the customers by just focusing on tea and coffee but they believe in providing the best and focusing on this line right now. Though they face competition from ecommerce sites lie teabox and healthkart they are trying to maintain their image in the market as the sole online seller of beverages in the market.
All in all they have done quite a commendable job. So have you placed your order yet?

Monday, 20 April 2015

All loves doing shopping and presently, due to the penetration of e-commerce, people prefer a lot more of online shopping. There are plenty of online stores that cater to the various needs of a needy online shopper. You can purchase anything and everything online and that too just with a few clicks. And, if you did not like the product, then you even have the option of returning it or exchanging it. I do not think a person needs more reasons to prefer online shopping.

As you might be aware, there are a lot of coupon sites as well, that update all the latest coupons, deals and offers from various top online stores, thus making the shopping a much easier and hassle free one. You get your product at the best price that might surprise you. CouponRani is one such coupon sites that is credited of having all the latest and cool offers and deals from all the top online stores.
CouponRani is one of the best coupon sites in India that has all the latest coupons and offers from popular stores including Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Patym etc. This coupon site has more than 1900 stores listed on its websites. The main highlight of this site is that each of its listed coupons is tested at least thrice every week so that any user that lands on their page will be satisfied.
When we look at the site, the layout is very neat and simple. It is designed in such a way that any new user landing on their page finds what they are looking for without any difficulty. They also have showcased the hot deals, featured coupons etc so that a user comes to know which coupon for a particular store is trending. The categories, stores, exclusive coupons and bus offers are seen at the top of the page, and a search area is visible on the right end side of the page so that the user finds it easy to look for specific store.
As mentioned earlier, Amazon India, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Koovs, FabFurnish, Limeroad etc are some of the most popular online shopping stores. If you are renovating your house and plans to buy new and classy furniture to make your house look more elegant, prefer to shop online from FabFurnish, which has high quality products which are even imported. Look for FabFurnish Coupons before you buy your pick to get it at a much discounted price.

Also, if you are planning to buy a new pair of dress, you can look at Paytm store. Though they were into mobile recharge earlier, now they have launched their apparel, fashion and footwear category as well and that too at the most reasonable rates. Buy stylish apparels from Paytm at affordable prices. Look for Paytm Coupons before making your payment and avail maximum discount while checking out.

CouponRani ensures that all its users are satisfied landing on their page and so, they make sure that all the latest and cool offers are listed on their website. They give more priority for user satisfaction and I must say, CouponRani is successful and so they have a long list of loyal users on their site as well. Do check out this site the next time when you do online shopping for enjoying a more saving shopping!

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Finding the right smartphone for the elders can be quite a task since they would like phones with big screen so that they can view it easily, they should have easy user interface so that they can actually learn very easily. Teens love fancy devices. They require smartphones for multi tasking with various applications. They text, visit various websites online and view videos all the time. If they would like to use the latest smartphones then the following options are worth a shot. 

1.     IPHONE 5S
This phone is for the cool set of seniors who love to use the latest technology and trend. The touch ID sensor is the best feature for elder people who usually tend to forget the passwords etc. 5S also provides finger tip touch for Application purchases and various other options. Now they no longer have to remember the passwords. As compared to various other smartphones who have Android as their operating system, apple IOS is much more user friendly. It has a Genius Bar Service, which helps the users to get assistance for using the phone and not actually depend on others to understand the mechanism of the device. It also has voice commands which help the seniors with physical disabilities to be connected to the world more easily.  For senior citizens who are quite active IPHONE 5 is the best option possible. Users can compare Iphone’s price with various price comparison websites like

It is a budget friendly phone for the senior citizens who cannot spend thousands of rupees on a smartphone. The plans usually start at $14.99 which is quite pocket friendly. By spending a few more bucks, users can get hold on to the 5S Urgent Response Support which is of major help to senior citizens in time of need. Keeping the needs of senior citizens in mind Jitterbug has installed slightly larger buttons so that they can easily read them and thus type easily. It also has an extra loud speaker for senior citizens who are hard of hearing. The user interface is also senior citizen friendly. With simple commands like yes or no they can navigate various screen and options. The camera it is installed with can be customized to upload photos on Facebook directly. It also has various health reminders in a built in application called the live nurse to remind the users about medicines or important appointments as well.

3.      Samsung Galaxy Note II
Senior citizens who find it difficult to see galaxy note II is there for the rescue. It has large viewing screen. It comes with stylus which is a blessing for the senior citizens whose hands usually tremble. So now they can easily get used to Touch Screen phones without having to think how to use it. It is an old model now so it will also be a bit budget friendly. It also has an Easy Mode Feature. The elders can customize the applications according to their needs and use very easily such as the text messages, call option, contacts, internet or various other important applications. You can look up for Samsung mobile price list for more details.

4.     NOKIA 105
For users who find touch screen phones quite difficult to use they can definitely opt for Nokia 105. This is also recommended for seniors who stay away from their families. This phone is budget friendly and easy to use as well. It has a good battery life s the users don’t have to think before using the phone for long hours worrying about the battery. For people with unsteady hands this phone is a good option as it is splash proof and dust proof as well. It is a feature rich phone that helps senior citizens to be connected to their children easily all the time. It is available not only in Asia but overseas in various countries as well.

5.     LG A830
For an average senior this is the best phone in today’s date.  It is quite budget friendly and also has a good blend of senior citizen friendly features. They aren’t likely to intimidate the senior citizens to use it. There is a Text to Speech key which is like a blessing for senior citizens who have slightly blurry vision. It also has the enhanced audio option. It helps the senior citizens with hearing problems to hear clearly what the other person is saying. It also provides a 10+ days of battery life. Now the users don’t have to meddle with chargers every night before sleeping. It also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, a music player, UNO built in card game and voice commands.

Though there aren’t many phones for the senior citizens but the above listed phones are good for them. Apart from these phones these days developers like Micromax, Samsung and other known names are developing smartphones keeping in mind about the needs of every user and not a particular age group. People should look up for phones from these manufacturers as well.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Interest is highly demanded these days. One can use it in a good way as well as a negative tool too. But the youngsters may turn up with negative use of the internet by going what is not supposed to be the “children’s stuff”. For the same concern, The monitoring software has gained high  popularity in the past few years. Because of its effectiveness and ability to help parents prevent their children from doing what is not supposed to be done online by them, It stands among the most demanding softwares. Since, the Internet has open use, it might lead a child to engage in activities or things that are not meant to be of their use. There are direct links to cyber attack windows where one can do anything without being noticed. 
Why Monitoring Software?
The Monitoring Software works towards preventing any kind of online attack, and side by side keeping a watch at the online activities performed by children and controlling it in a better way. Also, one can use it for office purpose for keeping a watch at the activities of the employees and preventing them from going ahead with any unofficial and recreational site during their office hours. The major reasons for the popularity of Monitoring software are described below :
1.     The foremost prior reason is its helping hand to the parents. Parents can track and supervise the activities of their children along with PC Usage history.
2.     Also, the software is quite popular in the corporate offices, where the management and business people use it for tracking the online and system activities done by their employees. It helps to improve company’s performance by simply tracking the activity done and warning the employees beforehand who are not working in the right direction. This will help encourage the employees to work efficiently.
3.     The software gas high contribution to parents who can prevent any kind of cyber attack on the way for their children. Similarly, any kind of cyber bullies are also prevented in a very effective way.
4.     4. Lastly, it provides a complete picture of the top performers in the company. It helps the top  owners in deciding the employees who are worth the appraisal, rewards and promotion.  So, the company owners can go ahead with pay scale, incentives and appraisals accordingly.

So, one can clearly see that keylogger holds great importance in activities linked online and help to a great extent. You can check this software at
Concluding, the Keylogger Software works as a preventive measure on one hand  for children against the hostile online environment while a helper to the business organisation in choosing the best employees. In short, it is a well versed software with good technical features.

We are in a habit of storing data in our USB Drives and laptops. But, it usually happens that we loose out all our important data due to deletion, formatting, virus infection or a lot of other reasons. So, there are masses among us who look for options to restore their lost data from the USB Drives. This is the correct situation where the role of iStonsoft USB Data Recovery comes into existence.

The software is known to recover USB Drive Data like videos, documents, emails, music etc from the USB Drive. Also, it help you with retrieving data from other areas like Flash USB Drive brands be it Sony, Scandisk or Kingston. So, you get a platform to regain all the lost files in a safe mode without causing any kind of damage to the system and data. It is supportable to Windows 7/8/XP/Vista and MAC 10.6-10.9. So, one say that it is a perfect recovery tool for various brands of USB Drives.
Why go for iStonsoft USB Data Recovery?
It is a well accepted fact that USB Drive serves to be a secure place to save files, movies, pictures and other important data to be carried further into day to day life. iStonsoft USB Data Recovery serves to be an advisable choice to recover your lost files on your own. You can undelete all kind of files from the branded Flash USB.
Ability of the USB Data Recovery Software
There are various reasons on account of losing data on the USB Drive. These may include intentional ones, accidental deletions, formatting or sometimes required by the system, corruption of the USB, virus attack and a lot more. iStonsoft software will recover all kind of lost data from USB drives no matter which of the above reasons was responsible.
Supportable to Various Formats
It is obvious that one does not save files on the USB Drives in the same format. We always get a drive containing files of different formats. You need a good recovery program that should be able to recover different files from your USB OR Pen Drive to fulfill all your demands.
iStonsoft USB Data Recovery is not only limited to retrieving the lost, deleted or formatted data but it works well as a card data recovery software as well. It implies that it has the ability to detect, scan, recover data from all kinds of USB, Pen drive and Memory cards. It is compatible with a lot of U disk formats like EXFAT,NFTS,FAT16,FAT32 and a lot more.
Flexible and Effective Feature
Along with following a powerful recovery function. It performs functioning of a lot of designs as well to help one enjoy the recovery process. It put the options of file format, name, data, size as different categories making it easy for the users to find the files they require quickly. You can view them in the built-in window and check if you selected the right file.
Undoubtedly, the software makes it easy to go ahead with the recovery of all kind of files.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015 is an Online Marketplace for selling and buying Unboxed, Certified Refurbished/ Excess Stock and Certified Pre-owned (second hand) Mobiles and Tablets. All products sold on Togofogo undergo a rigorous Quality Checking process (QUTrust) and are covered under Warranty (which is managed by our partner WarrantyBazaar). We offer our buyers & sellers a convenient market place through our online platform. The sellers leverage Togofogo’s integrated logistics support to open up a Pan-India Market & the buyers have a place to shop for bargains and be rest assured on the quality of the products they purchase.

What we offer-
·      Extensive 75 point Quality Check for all products (QUTrust)
·      Warranty on all products – Unboxed/Excess Stock, refurbished and Certified Pre-owned
·      Cross-city transactions at a Pan-India level
·      Fully integrated Logistics support
·      Easy payment options (Online or Cash On Delivery)
·      Secure and hassle-free remittance
·      3 day return policy
·      Online seller panel for managing transactions, products & inventory
·      Complete transparency in transactions
·      Help desk support (Toll-free access to Call centre, Online Chat and Email)

Value proposition for the our Sellers-
ü  Singular, well-marketed platform that eliminates city-wise price disparity for pre-owned phones which is prevalent among the offline market and other online sites like Olx & Quikr.
ü  Seller lists the product on TogoFogo at no cost, opening up a pan-India Market
ü  Easy and quick empanelment on TogoFogo
ü  TogoFogo is responsible for the logistics
ü  TogoFogo is responsible for inspection and certification
ü  TogoFogo adds warranty – increases potential for sale (for 6 months to 2 years)
ü  TogoFogo is responsible for collection
ü  TogoFogo is responsible for remittance of sale proceeds
ü  TogoFogo is responsible for returns, if the need should arise
ü  Dedicated Call Centre, online access to seller’s panel
ü  Complete transparency and process tracking via
ü  Social Aspect – Platform for new Entrepreneurs

Value Proposition for the Buyer-
ü  Buyer ease of access - gets choice of huge variety of products at great prices
ü  Assured of quality of product
ü  Assured of warranty on product
ü  Price comparison between different sellers/locations
ü  Seller’s ratings and track record are available
ü  Option of paying online/cash on delivery
ü  Receives the product at doorstep, anywhere Pan-India
ü  Dedicated Call Centre
ü  Complete transparency and process tracking via

What are we selling?
Togofogo is selling Unboxed, Certified Refurbished/Excess Stock & Certified Pre-owned Mobiles and Tablets.
1.       What is unboxed/excess stock?
a.      Products that are new and unused but don’t have the original manufacturer seal. These products are certified tested and carries 12 months warranty - manufacturer warranty upto 10 months & residual warranty period is covered by WarrantyBazaar.
2.    What is Refurbished?
a.      Products that are restored to Original “Like New” condition by manufacturers. These products are serviced, certified tested and carries 12 months warranty - manufacturer warranty upto 6 months & residual warranty period is covered by WarrantyBazaar.
3.    What is Certified Pre-Owned?
a.      Old devices that have been upgraded/exchanged for new models. These products are also serviced, certified tested and carry warranty for 6 months which is provided by WarrantyBazaar.

Why are we selling?
a.      Togofogo caters to the aspirational value of the buyers who want to buy mobile devices at lower prices without compromising on Warranty and Quality. We provide a platform that brings about cross-city  price parity by eliminating the drawbacks of Channels and existing Online practices of players like Olx& Quikr who do not provide Logistical support to enable cross-city transactions.

Where do the products come from?
a.      In India 20-25 Million devices are returned to sellers every year. Some of which are unboxed while others may be faulty.  Faulty products are returned to the manufacturers and are refurbished by them. Thus is created a large cache of products that are either categorized as Unboxed or Refurbished.
b.      Consumers tend to buy mobile devices every year but this does not mean that they scrap their old devices. These old devices have their own residual life and can be sold as Pre-owned. 

What is the quality of the products?
a.      All Unboxed/Excess Stock & Refurbished devices are equal to new and carries Manufacturer Warranty for a period of 6 to 10 months. Togofogo ensures each device goes through a rigorous Quality Check process (QUTrust) and adds the residual warranty (managed by WarrantyBazaar) to give the end user 12 months warranty and complete peace of mind.
b.      Pre-owned devices, once received from the seller, are also subject to the same rigorous Quality Check process (QUTrust). The devices are then properly packed in special boxes and shipped to the buyer ensuring it reaches in good condition along with QC pass certificate and Warranty of 6 months (managed by WarrantyBazaar).

What is the warranty on the product?
a.      Unboxed/Excess Stock & Refurbished Devices are certified tested and carries 12 months warranty - manufacturer warranty of 6 to 10 months & residual warranty period is covered by WarrantyBazaar.
b.      Pre-owned devices are also serviced, certified tested and carry warranty for 6 months which is provided by WarrantyBazaar.

What is the packaging condition of the products – are they box packed/sealed?
a.      Unboxed/Excess Stock & Refurbished devices are delivered in the original manufacturer’s packaging without seal.
b.      Certified Pre-owned devices are delivered in specially designed packaging of Togofogo.

How will individuals sell their old products on Togofogo?
a.      Selling on Togofogo is very simple. Sellers have to register themselves online by filling out a simple form and go through the Online agreement. Upon acceptance of the terms & conditions, the products may be listed for sale on Togofogo. The seller has the option of either sending their device to Togofogo in advance (Togofogo’s fulfillment centre) or once the device is sold and updated to the seller on the online panel. Togofogo will be responsible for the entire logistics. Please call us for details.

How is Togofogo different from OLX, Quikr, others?
a.      There are a number of factors that distinguish Togofogo from any other website working on similar lines-
·      Refurbished & Unboxed/Excess Stock devices sold on Togofogo carry 12 months warranty unlike Olx & Quikr
·      Pre-owned devices Sold on Togofogo carry Quality Checked Certificate (QUTrust) unlike Olx & Quikr
·      Pre-owned devices sold on Togofogo carry 6 months warranty unlike Olx & Quikr
·      Sellers are able to reach a Pan-India Market of potential buyers unlike Olx & Quikr wherein transactions are location-bound
·      Togofogo has fully integrated Logistics support to deliver to any location Pan-India unlike Olx & Quikr
·      Olx & Quikr are in fact more similar to Yellow Pages, they do not have any actual role in the buying-selling process – they are just a platform for advertisement. This is not the case with Togofogo
·      Togofogo enhances the prospects of the seller & gives complete peace of mind to the buyer. This is not the case with Olx & Quikr as they have no means of reassuring either the seller or buyer.

Who are the sellers?
a.      Anyone can sell Unboxed/Excess Stock, Refurbished or Pre-Owned mobile devices on Togofogo – they can be Channel partners dealing in Unboxed/Excess Stock or Refurbished phones or any individual who wishes to sell his/her old device.

What is required to register as a seller on Togofogo?
a.      In order to register, the following will be required for Bulk Sellers – Director’s/Proprietor’s Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/Voter Card), Director’s/Proprietor’s PAN Card, Director’s/Proprietor’s Address proof (Utility bill), Company’s Sales Tax registration certificate, Company’s Address Proof, Company’s PAN card, Company’s Bank account details (Bank Name, Account Number, MICR Code, IFSC Code, Branch Name, Branch Address), Cancelled cheque from Company’s account, Company’s Billing Adress & Delivery/Pick Up Address.
b.      In case the seller is an individual, the following is required - Identity Proof (Aadhar Card/Voter Card), PAN Card, Bank account details (Bank Name, Account Number, MICR Code, IFSC Code, Branch Name, Branch Address), Billing Adress & Delivery/Pick Up Address.

Who are the buyers?
a.      Anyone looking to buy an Unboxed/Excess Stock, Refurbished or Certified Pre-owned mobile phone or tablet from any place in India can be our buyer. Buyers may be individuals or even Channel Partners. Togofogo caters to all the segments – B2B, B2C & C2C. The buyers have the option of purchasing the device by either paying online using their credit/debit cards or avail Cash on delivery. It is the responsibility of Togofogo to ensure that the device reaches within committed time anywhere in India.

What is QUTrust?
a.      QUTust is an extensive 75 point Quality Check process for all products that results in product certification before any product is dispatched to the buyer. QUTrust ensures that the buyer is assured of the quality of the product and has complete peace of mind. For more information please call us or visit

What is WarrantyBazaar?
a. is India’s premier provider of Warranty Solutions such as Extended Warranty Packs, Annual Maintenance Contract, Accidental Damage Insurance and related value-added solutions for Mobile Devices, Laptops and Digital Cameras and other Consumer Electronics. Togofogo has strategically tied up with WarrantyBazaar to provide upto 6 months warranty on products sold on the website. Please call us or visit to know more.

What is the 3 day return policy?
a.      Togofogo has 100% Money Back Guarantee that protects its buyers in case there is an issue with product quality or delivery. The issue needs to be reported by the buyer within 3 days of delivery. Togofogo guarantees resolution of Complaints within a maximum time of 30 days and provides full refund if the issue is not resolved.

Who are the Logistics Partners of Togofogo?
a.      Togofogo is tied up with all leading Logistics service providers of India to ensure timely delivery of products in any part of India.