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For online merchants that host marketplaces spanning a wide variety of products like Amazon and eBay, it is a necessity to stay ahead of the curve at all times to adapt to the ever changing needs of online consumers. How do merchants like Tradusintend on keeping the focus of their devout customers? Being a one-stop-store that covers every category you would find yourself shopping in at some point in your life, customer engagement is really important. Here are a few of the reasons I believe Tradus are doing a great job.

Major Backing from Serious E-commerce Organizations
When a shop starts to make it big or the potential to become big becomes more transparent, everyone wants in on the secret. Like they say, “behind every man is a great woman”, in my opinion: behind every successful business is a an organization that knows what it’s doing. Tradus is a part of the ibibo group, which is further backed by Nasper, a Flipkart investor. Recently, and after acquiring redBus to strengthen their business as well, ibibo have made changes to the way Tradus is functioning in the e-commerce world to ensure that it’s always up to date with how real commerce is moving forward in India. Ashish Kashyap, founder and CEO of ibibo sees the pivotal change in Tradus’ business model as an opportunity to fill in “a big gap and moreover, it’s about solving a problem that no other player ever ventured into”. More on this next.

From an Online Marketplace Model to Mobile and Location Based Marketplace
It’s no secret that India’s e-commerce market has been a real win over the last few years with expectations to grow even larger in the next decade or so. Investors all over the world are excited to jump into the Indian market because of the stupendously high rate it’s growing at. The e-commerce journey is far from over in India, but already, massive merchants like Flipkart, redBus and Tradus are taking to the m-commerce world as well. M-commerce has been identified as one way to really tap into the market’s potential seeing as the number of smartphone users in India is almost double the global average at least if you consider the number of transactions that are made using a mobile phone. Transitioning to a mobile and location based marketplace was the smartest move Tradus made during the time when the use of smartphones are at an all-time high and continues to grow. Adapting to this new business model also means decreasing the proximity between buyer and seller as Tradus has made an effort to join local retailers in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai in ways that no other e-commerce company has treated m-commerce yet.  

Huge Discounts Make Tradus a Tempting Place to Shop From 
What gets people going the first few times they purchase anything from a site is how much they can afford to make a purchase. After all, bargains are meant to lure a person in but sometimes you don’t want to go for that “Buy 1, Get 1 Free deal” because let’s face it: rarely will you ever need the same product twice. Thankfully, Tradus’ discounts and deals are realistic.

You can get a decent percentage knocked off of your bill at Tradus through the use of coupon codes and promos.Tradus is active on almost every deals and discount website out there so it’s not like you’ll suffer from a shortage of discounts anytime soon. The best part about this is that these discounts count towards almost every category in Tradus so whether you’re shopping for a new smartphone, outfit or gift, Tradus has it all and has it on sale (most of the time). There are many reasons for preferring to shop at some stores over others. Most of us feel more comfortable shopping at places we know have established a name, such as Amazon, eBay and Flipkart. Yet, with everything we’ve seen Tradus come into recently, I wouldn’t be so surprised to see it creep into the top soon enough.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Asia Cup has been taking place from many years. Different teams compete in the Asia Cup as Asia Cup is one day international men’s cricket tournament. Asia Cup was established in the year 1983. The main motto of the Asia cup was to make friendly relations with the help of sports between Asian countries. The first ever Asia Cup tournament took place in United Arab Emirates in the year 1984.
Asia Cup 2014 is going to take place soon and different countries from all over Asia are going to take part in this cup. Asia Cup 2014 is going to be the 12th edition of the Asia Cup series. Asia Cup 2014 will take place in Bangladesh and it will take place from 25th February to 8th March. Pakistan is going to be the defending champions in Asia Cup 2014.
Four nations are going to take part in this tournament and these are India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. ICC Associate members from Afghanistan will also be present in this tournament. Asia Cup 2014 will be the first ever 50 over tournament in which Afghanistan will take part. A total of 11 matches are to be played in Asia Cup 2014. 

The schedule for Asia Cup 2014 is as follows:-
1              Tuesday, Feb 25               Pakistan vs Sri Lanka       Fatullah                1:30 PM
2              Wednesday, Feb 26        India vs Bangladesh        Fatullah                1:30 PM
3              Thursday, Feb 27              Afghanistan v Pakistan  Fatullah                1:30 PM
4              Friday, Feb 28                   India vs Sri Lanka                 Fatullah              1:30 PM
5              Saturday, March 01         Bangladesh v Afghanistan    Fatullah        1:30 PM
6              Sunday, March 02            India v Pakistan Mirpur  1:30 PM
7             Monday, March 03           Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka     Mirpur             1:30 PM
8              Tuesday, March 04          Bangladesh vs Pakistan Mirpur  1:30 PM
9              Wednesday, March 05   India vs Afghanistan       Mirpur  1:30 PM
10           Thursday, March 06        Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Mirpur  1:30 PM
FINAL    Saturday, March 08         TBC Vs TCB          Mirpur  1:30 PM

Indian Players which you would be able to see in Asia Cup 2014 are going to be:-
·         Mahendra Singh Dhoni
·         ShikharDhawan
·         ViratKohli
·         CheteshwarPujara
·         AjinkyaRahane
·         Rohitsharma
·         RavindraJadeja
·         RavichadranAshwin
·         AmbatiRayudu
·         Mohammed Shami
·         Bhuvneshwar Kumar
·         Varun Aaron
·         Amit Mishra
·         Ishwar Pandey
·         Duncan Fletcher
This is all the info which we have till date related to Asia Cup 2014. We will keep our blog updated with the latest info related to Asia Cup 2014 and cricket so keep visiting our website or more updates.

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Vishal Verma is a blogger who writes at live scorecard

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Logo is your identity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a big one, your logo should e such where just by looking at the logo you will be recognized by your customers. All the big brands are known by their logo. If we see an apple with a bite we know that it is an Apple’s logo, if we find VW on a car then we know the model of the car belongs to Volkswagen and so on. Therefore if you want your customer to locate you amongst cluster of others in the market then you must create logo for yourself.

 Why do you need logo?

·         It will give you instant recognition. Even before reading the name just by having a look at the logo people will identify the company.
·         It creates a branding for yourself
·         It will be helpful in communicating the personality of your company and make along lasting impression on the end users
·         It will provide the visual representation or you can say that it will help you in bringing out the essence of your company across to all the end users.
·         Makes the end users have more faith in your company
·         It will give you a professional image which will be good for your business growth
·         It can be used as a major marketing tool
·         Logos are easy way of making people remember your brand name rather than the full name actually
·         It will also help in explaining the types of work you do if you are able to create your logo correctly.

Creating logos without hiring any professional

It is not important that you hire some professional to create a logo for your company you can now do it yourself with the help of tools available in the market. You can only hire a designer if you don’t have the time to do it on your own or if you are not able to zero in any idea for what will be the best logo for your company then you can go ahead and hire a professional who will be charging you a fee for doing the job.
Now with all the available tools it will not be much difficult to manage the creation of a logo. Here are some tools listed below which will work just fine for you –
·         LogoYes–You can customize your logo with limited illustrations that they have and their editing tools are simple to use. The HD logo that you will be getting will cost you around $69 but you will be able to use it on any marketing stuff.
·         LogoMaker– This one has some exciting offers for the users with simple techniques that are available in here. If you like to explore the whole high resolution package then you have to pay $49 else you can enjoy the web format for free also.
·         LogoSnap– This will offer you free logo but will ask you to donate something on your behalf so that they can keep the site up and running for a long time. It has various options of font based designs and editing can be customized as per your preference.
·         Mycroburst– It is a great opportunity to meet the freelance designer who will be responding to your request of making a logo for your company at the price that you have to offer. They call it a prize money which a minimum of $199 with a TAT (or turnaround time) of 7 days and you will need to pay $19 to Mycroburst to use their services.
There are some other services in the market too but these ones are amongst the best ones.

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This article has been written by Robert William. Robert William is a hosting expert who is running various hosting related sites to solve problems. Now he is writing about InMotion where he is sharing InMotion Discount these days.

Goodbye to all tiresome phone calls and emails!!Your business cannot get even better! ChatWork solves the business complexity at one click. ChatWork is a one cloud based communication platform implemented for easing out the work of companies and teams. ChatWork developed at Japan is a simple tool with minimum cost that helps multinational companies to communicate with each other. 

The primary goal behind ChatWork is to eliminate the inefficient workflow existing in the present world scenario. It is very tedious to keep a record of work progress of employee, transactions being carried out etc.ChatWork transfers this problems into benefits by introducing many features. It is faster and easier. Unlike emails which are time consuming ChatWork enables faster processing.
It provides several features like better audio and video quality, multi conversation in a single window. It also incorporates facility for sharing files and sending work requests via cloud. Unlike phone calls which requires endless waiting to share information, ChatWork does not require the co business partners to be online all the time. In ChatWork, relevant data can be specially defined so that the important messages are no more missed out.

Another factor for calling ChatWork user friendly is that there is no fear of spamming as it provides a closed communication. Moreover employees find it very comfortable for communicating at the work places. It can be used in desktop PC’s, apps on iOS and Android for use in mobiles. It is supported in all browsers. So you do not need to spend time searching for suitable browser.
Even though innumerous communication options such as Skype, Google hangouts are available, business communication needs more vibrant means. Using ChatWork, a team leader can guide their colleagues on how to carry out the task.
Coming into its availability, it has got varying range of packages focused on different users. ChatWork has already more than 250000 users. All these makes ChatWork a on growing business tool that helps to yield your work at its best and you can get it at

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Casino games are generally considered a way of winning - or just spending - time, no matter if we are speaking of real life casinos or online establishments. Some people consider gambling a sin, or illegal - sometime slaws of certain territories do the same, banning any form of gambling except for government lotteries. Some of us, though, consider many forms of gambling tobe an entertaining way to spend sometime (and not necessarily money), especially online - casino gaming canbe as fun as lucrative.

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, each one with it sown offer of games, bonuses and benefits. Most of them require their players to register and deposit a certain amount of cash in their account before allowing them to access their games, but others - including my favorite, the Royal Vegas Canadian mobile casino online casino - give players the chance to try their games without any restrictions, with no real money involved - without even requiring them to create an account.

At the Royal Vegas online casino games in their offer are listed right on the first page of their website, in several categories - table games, video poker, progressive games, casual games and slot machines (these are the reason I keep returning to this online casino). The games can be launched in 'demo mode' with just one click - they are browser-based, so players don't have to download anything (except for the Adobe Flash browser plugin, and only once) to start gambling for demo funds. Also, players can choose to play the same games in 'real money' mode, after registering at the casino and depositing some funds.

For those deciding to give real money gambling a try, Royal Vegas has a welcome bonus: a deposit match on their first, second and third deposit, upto a total of $1,200, depending on the currency used for depositing the funds. Using certain payment methods - all of them are e-walletservices - canalsomean a bonus applied to the player's first ever deposit - the bonus codes are listed on the website.

In conclusion, a few words about the casino and its operator.

The Royal Vegas online casino has been launched in 2010 by its owner, the Fortune Loungegroup. The company, with its head quarters and gambling license in Malta, operates a series of high-rated online gambling establishments, including the 7Sultans, Euro Palace and Platinum Play online casinos, the Poker Time online poker room and several online bingohalls. Fortune Loungeis a long time partner of Microgaming, one of the leading software developers in the industry. All Fortune Lounge casinos feature games from this developer, and have the 'Safe & Fair' certificate issued by the independent certification authorityeCogra.

Monday, 20 January 2014

I always wonder why this service did not appear before, since the moment internet exists. Order food via internet was something that was not possible one or two years ago, but now, everyone has the opportunity to do it easily through Foodpanda

Usually, what people do is to pick up the telephone, look for the number and make a call to the restaurant to place an order. Sometimes the communication is difficult, because the restaurant don’t listen the telephone, much noise, and, more often than we wish, error taking the order. That makes customers unhappy. But not anymore.

Ordering food via internet, all the problems of miscommunications will never happen again. Thanks to an online form on that the customer fill out and the restaurant receive, there is no chance for mistakes or misunderstandings. 

But, step by step, let’s focus on how is the process. First of all, we can download their iOS or Android App, or place the order through their website. When we write our location, every restaurant that deliver there will show up, and we can filter them by cuisines. After choosing the one we want to order from, we just need to make the order, choose the payment method, either by card or pay on delivery, confirm, and wait a few minutes until the order arrives home and then we can enjoy the food.

So far so good, but there are more advantages. Inside every restaurant page, everyone can check out all the reviews that previous customers wrote about them, that is the way to have a good idea about how the restaurant work, and very useful indeed. Also, if you have any question about the process, in their homepage there is an online chat which you can use to ask anything to their Customer Service, and get an answer at the moment. The final, but not less interesting, is the suggestions form, where you can write how exactly you want your order, for example, more spicy, with no onions, or anything you want to say, because that will be read directly by the restaurant.

Checking their social media channels and their homepage, sometimes you can find offers and discounts you can use to take advantage and pay less, which is always good.
Our recommendation is to try the service, you will probably get satisfied, because it is a very reliable service in our opinion, and many of the people who try it once, repeat.

If you try, give us a comment telling us how it went, also for another readers to have more information about Foodpanda and the process or ordering food online.

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Haven’t we encountered a 404 Error? There are occasions when we would have surely met with the same. So, what are these?

Let’s find out
  1. Typing wrong URL
Yes, we sometimes in haste or due to carelessness type a wrong URL and we get 404 error.
  1. When content has been removed
There are other occasions when inspite of typing the exact address, yet you get the 404 error. Now, you feel as to what wrong you did? Well, you don’t have to worry as the situation usually occurs when the content of the specific site has already been removed.
Aforesaid are the two situations when you will be seeing the 404 Error.
Importance of 404 Error
The importance and utility of 404 Error Page is immense. Since, it arms us with the most valuable information that either the address is not valid or the content ceases to exist.
Now, whenever we see the page, don’t we feel that it gives a monotonous look? Yes, it does as it specifically gives a dull look. Therefore, this is where you can enhance your creative aspect by making it in such a way that it can be a really fun as well. Even the post is all about how 404 Error Page can deliver much more than just an obvious message.
So, how you can you attain that prized and funny look for this type of error?
Let’s find out.
There are various ways where you can make the amendments.
As you want to give a “lighter moment” to the audience then you can add images, cartoons, memes etc which should fall in line with the brand so that it can easily create a sense of amusement to one and all.
Apart from that, you can equally indulge in some of the social causes by informing others about any missing person. The effort is indeed quite an appreciative one where you never know that you can actually help in uniting the families with their loved one.
Aforesaid are such “small” tricks which can actually help towards making a “big” difference amongst one and all. This is the aspect where you can show your creative side to the world.

Therefore, it can be said beyond doubt that 404 Error page can be instrumental is creating a conducive environment for yourself where your creative skills and innovative thinking matters a lot for sure. In short you can make the most obvious message in a fun-filled interesting and innovative manner for sure. Importantly, you can’t overlook its utility aspect as well as considering the mammoth online world, it can equally help in uniting families as well. Isn’t it great? Therefore, handle 404 pages in an appropriate manner and feel eternal bliss and happiness for such noble acts which will hardly take any precious time of yours. After all, even you can make pleasant difference in the world. So, what are you waiting for?

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Afzal Zaheer writes for his blog where he makes sure to provide timely updates on blogging, social media amongst others.