Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Logo is your identity. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business or a big one, your logo should e such where just by looking at the logo you will be recognized by your customers. All the big brands are known by their logo. If we see an apple with a bite we know that it is an Apple’s logo, if we find VW on a car then we know the model of the car belongs to Volkswagen and so on. Therefore if you want your customer to locate you amongst cluster of others in the market then you must create logo for yourself.

 Why do you need logo?

·         It will give you instant recognition. Even before reading the name just by having a look at the logo people will identify the company.
·         It creates a branding for yourself
·         It will be helpful in communicating the personality of your company and make along lasting impression on the end users
·         It will provide the visual representation or you can say that it will help you in bringing out the essence of your company across to all the end users.
·         Makes the end users have more faith in your company
·         It will give you a professional image which will be good for your business growth
·         It can be used as a major marketing tool
·         Logos are easy way of making people remember your brand name rather than the full name actually
·         It will also help in explaining the types of work you do if you are able to create your logo correctly.

Creating logos without hiring any professional

It is not important that you hire some professional to create a logo for your company you can now do it yourself with the help of tools available in the market. You can only hire a designer if you don’t have the time to do it on your own or if you are not able to zero in any idea for what will be the best logo for your company then you can go ahead and hire a professional who will be charging you a fee for doing the job.
Now with all the available tools it will not be much difficult to manage the creation of a logo. Here are some tools listed below which will work just fine for you –
·         LogoYes–You can customize your logo with limited illustrations that they have and their editing tools are simple to use. The HD logo that you will be getting will cost you around $69 but you will be able to use it on any marketing stuff.
·         LogoMaker– This one has some exciting offers for the users with simple techniques that are available in here. If you like to explore the whole high resolution package then you have to pay $49 else you can enjoy the web format for free also.
·         LogoSnap– This will offer you free logo but will ask you to donate something on your behalf so that they can keep the site up and running for a long time. It has various options of font based designs and editing can be customized as per your preference.
·         Mycroburst– It is a great opportunity to meet the freelance designer who will be responding to your request of making a logo for your company at the price that you have to offer. They call it a prize money which a minimum of $199 with a TAT (or turnaround time) of 7 days and you will need to pay $19 to Mycroburst to use their services.
There are some other services in the market too but these ones are amongst the best ones.

Author Bio:
This article has been written by Robert William. Robert William is a hosting expert who is running various hosting related sites to solve problems. Now he is writing about InMotion where he is sharing InMotion Discount these days.


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