Monday, 20 January 2014

I always wonder why this service did not appear before, since the moment internet exists. Order food via internet was something that was not possible one or two years ago, but now, everyone has the opportunity to do it easily through Foodpanda

Usually, what people do is to pick up the telephone, look for the number and make a call to the restaurant to place an order. Sometimes the communication is difficult, because the restaurant don’t listen the telephone, much noise, and, more often than we wish, error taking the order. That makes customers unhappy. But not anymore.

Ordering food via internet, all the problems of miscommunications will never happen again. Thanks to an online form on that the customer fill out and the restaurant receive, there is no chance for mistakes or misunderstandings. 

But, step by step, let’s focus on how is the process. First of all, we can download their iOS or Android App, or place the order through their website. When we write our location, every restaurant that deliver there will show up, and we can filter them by cuisines. After choosing the one we want to order from, we just need to make the order, choose the payment method, either by card or pay on delivery, confirm, and wait a few minutes until the order arrives home and then we can enjoy the food.

So far so good, but there are more advantages. Inside every restaurant page, everyone can check out all the reviews that previous customers wrote about them, that is the way to have a good idea about how the restaurant work, and very useful indeed. Also, if you have any question about the process, in their homepage there is an online chat which you can use to ask anything to their Customer Service, and get an answer at the moment. The final, but not less interesting, is the suggestions form, where you can write how exactly you want your order, for example, more spicy, with no onions, or anything you want to say, because that will be read directly by the restaurant.

Checking their social media channels and their homepage, sometimes you can find offers and discounts you can use to take advantage and pay less, which is always good.
Our recommendation is to try the service, you will probably get satisfied, because it is a very reliable service in our opinion, and many of the people who try it once, repeat.

If you try, give us a comment telling us how it went, also for another readers to have more information about Foodpanda and the process or ordering food online.