Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Honor, an independent Internet smartphone brand under Huawei, today announced its new partnership with Snapdeal.com, to further expand its presence in the online retail market. This announcement follows the sale of 1 million Honor smartphones in India over the last 12 months.
Commenting on the new partnership, Mr. P. Sanjeev, Vice-President Sales, Huawei India Consumer Business Group, said, "Our e-brand, Honor, has received an overwhelming response from Indian customers, and we are thankful to all our fans for their support. Our aim has been to provide best-in-class smart phones and at exciting price points and so far we have been successful in doing so. We are confident that this partnership with Snapdeal.com will help us reach out to larger group of Honor smartphone fans."

Sell your iPhone and Buy Honor 7, its the best smartphone out there. 
Honor recently launched its flagship Smartphone Honor 7, which received an overwhelming response from customers like its predecessor, Honor 6 Plus. Both these premium smartphones are still available exclusively with Flipkart.com.
Commenting on this alliance, Mr. Tony Navin, Senior Vice President- Strategic Partnership and Initiatives at Snapdeal, added, "We are excited about this alliance with Honor and about offering the Honor products to our consumer base. We are hopeful and positive of a mutually rewarding and a longstanding relationship with Honor."
In a way of saying thanks to the 1 million customers in India for their response to Honor, the brand would be rolling out an inaugural offer on Snapdeal.com as below:
  • Honor 4X available at Rs. 8999 (Rs.1000 off) 
  • Honor 4X (gold) available at Rs. 9499 (Rs.1000 off) 
  • Honor 4C available at Rs. 7999 (Rs.1000 off) 
  • Honor Bee available at Rs. 3999 (Rs. 500 off) 
  • HDFC (debit and credit cards) - Flat 10% off, up to a maximum of Rs. 2000 
Celebrating the festive season in conjunction with this special offer, Honor customers will be able to avail these discounts for a period of three days, from Nov 2 - 4, 2015 on Snapdeal.com.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Maybe it's Monday night football, date night, after work happy hour, Friday family dinner, or you honestly just don't feel like cooking tonight; regardless, you are going out... somewhere! The only unknown is where? Have no fear, Groupon is here to help with their new Groupon Pages. Most people already know about Groupon.com's amazing mass discounts, but not nearly as many people are familiar with their new Groupon Pages. Essentially, Groupon Pages combines everything you need to know as a customer, with everything business owners need to know for feedback; it's a win-win situation for both parties!

How does Groupon Pages Work?

Groupon Pages allows restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. to create a customized profile containing all of their business information, with VERY easy access. Profiles include everything from contact information, prices, reviews, suggestions, reservations, and of course a list of the deals currently running. This way, if you have a craving for Mexican food, you can search for only the best Mexican restaurants in your city, and find some great deals on amazing meals! (For example- if you’re in
Tucson, AZ, check out Nico’s Mexican Food).

The Best Part!

For people that love saving money, yet can't necessarily look for deals all the time, Groupon Pages allows you to make a list of your favorite places, and will automatically notify you when they are running a new promotion. Now, you'll never have to worry about missing that amazing deal you've been waiting for simply because you were too busy. However, if you do have enough time every day to constantly check the Groupon website, you won't necessarily need this feature, it will just make life easier.

So, next time you are going out, plan ahead and use Groupon Pages. You will likely save a lot of time deciding where to go and meanwhile, save some much needed and hard earned cash! Also, Groupon Pages isn't restricted just to restaurants, so give it a shot for anytime you need recommendations or advice for new places to go!

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Pune city is catching up along with the metro cities in the real estate, infrastructural development, transportation, communication, information technology therefore it is thriving destination. The rapid development of the city opened up the business opportunities as well as career prospects within the city, this attracts all people from various corners of the world in order to come in hunt the career opportunities and commercial as well as leisure travel. Pune city is always flooded with the holiday makers and travelers throughout the season. Moreover the job seekers are looking for the prospects in the city along with the respect now tourist destination and commercial hub booming the destination. Also, there are various hotels emerged in a city that specially caters in order to diversify the business travelers and leisure tourists from different parts. Moreover, there are different real estate developers are available and they have the prestigious apartment in the area. Moreover, most of the residents belong to the middle class, higher class, since the specifications and amenities in these latest projects are apart from the expectations of the client’s class.Pride Aashiyana is the best residential development and this near Lohegaon, Pune and these offers the 3BHK and 2 BHK flats. Moreover, thisproject designed in order to facilitate the living conditions along with the privacy, ventilations as well as optimum light and also it coupled with the better surrounding of green and fresh environment therefore each environment brings the unhindered living with joy. The Pride Aashiyana Pune presents the crown of apartment in the dhanori.

Connectivity Of Pride Aashiyana:
 People also can take the chance of living in the high life along with the possible blend of the function and form and this will transforms the people dream into the true. Well, pride aashiyana is one of the best place and they are perfectly poised in between the luxurious green and accessible life retreat. The pride aashiyana pune is situated inthe eastern part of Mumbai and it becomes the market suburb to enjoy the wonderful connectivity, where it easily reached by people through rail, private transport and rail. Also other suburbs of Pune is divided into west and east and also there are abundance of the restaurants, utility stores, medical facilities, education institutes, recreational areas around the suburb and this all aspects are attracting the investors in the Mumbai. Their projects are built over the 10 acre and that overlooks the mountains. Seamlessly, this pride aashiyana are integrating the style, spaces, comfort as well as other elements of the luxurious residence and so it more important for people in modern day. The Aashiyana bring the pride housing and world class development that change the Pune cityscapes in the new designs, ethical standards, high engineering as well as professional outlook and there is no wonder of the pride housing because this is preferred partner to the international and local corporate.
Companies Nearby Pride Aashiyana:
The ITES and IT companies, home buyers and business owners can take the possible features of the Aashiyana. When you look for the 3 BHK flat in Pune then consider some reasons. The Pride Aashiyana Pune is one of the safe living surrounding along with the less crime rates and also there is a mix of business class and working class. Moreover, different community centers as well as religious centers are there, here people celebrate all types of festivals and functions. Instance, the accommodates celebrate the functions with enthusing. However, connectivity is wise too.The residential options are suitable for the middle income and high income and so there will be no dearth in Pune, this male the high options people for virtually of the investors.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Birthdays are very special as one celebrates the day on which they were born. A person’s birthday is not only important for him/her but also for their friends and family. Are you looking for ways to plan an awesome birthday party for your friend or family member? Do you wish to through a party so grand that makes the day wonderful? If that is the service which you are searching for, then the best solution is to find a birthday planner. In the recent days, the demand for a birthday planner is increasing as people are willing to spend money to arrange the best birthday surprise for their loved ones. Now the question is, where to find birthday planner? People usually take the help of the internet to obtain useful contacts for various services. Technology has been gifting the mankind with amazing creations. A new Android mobile app called Urbanclap has been launched which will serve very useful in searching for birthday planner. You don’t have to visit places or ask people for various services. One can easily search for them online using their mobile phones. This handy mobile app is equipped with effective features that will simplify the user’s search. Urbanclap holds a huge database of birthday planners whom who can search using this app. 

What Should be followed before hiring a Birthday Planner

People regard the birthday of their friends and family as a very auspicious occasion. These days, taking the services of a birthday planner is the latest trend. He/she holds the vision and expertise to make the best arrangements which would help in making the day more exciting. You can use the Urbanclap India appto search for the best choices online. But before you start with your search, one must always plan out certain things. There is always a specific idea which one wants to execute to make the moment special for the person for whom he/she is arranging the surprise. Frame out your ideas and share it with the birthday planner. In this way, you will be able to guide the person-in-charge on how to plan an approach for the perfect arrangements. The birthday planner must be supervised by you, so that there is no negligence or wrong interpretation of your ideas which you positively want it to be there.

About Urbanclap App

Urbanclap is emerging as a great platform to fulfill your search for various services. This venture started with the Urbanclap website which grew very popular. Now the company has launched the Urbanclap Android mobile app. It is compatible with your mobile phones and you can use this app anywhere. A lot of professionals belonging to various fields are getting connected with Urbanclap to render their services to the people. Urbanclap review has been positive so far and the venture is able to gather sufficient funds. You can visit Urbanclap wikipage to know more about this app.

Features of Urbanclap

The Urbanclap app has some really amazing features which are aimed at benefiting the users. Let us see what Urbanclap Company app offers:


The best quality about this app is that, it offers the search results based on the user’s location preference. Now suppose you want to find birthday planner in our city. Birthday planner Delhi, birthday planner Mumbai or any metro city will be available in a large population. The task is to find the best one close to your locality or current location. This can be achieved using the Urbanclap app. One can set their location preference for the service he/she requires. Now the search result will contain choices close the person’s surrounding.


Budget is a key factor which one always considers before hiring anyone. The Urbanclap app understands the need of its users and offers them with choices falling under an affordable range. Suppose you are searching for a birthday planner. Use the Urbanclap app for your search and it will provide you with choices that will suit your pocket.

Final Words

The Urbanclap app is a very efficient platform to find various services online. If you are looking out for the best birthday planner near your locality and who can be hired under an affordable price then Urbanclap is the destination from where you can start your search. Download and install this app today to have a fun experience.

Monday, 22 June 2015

The New Delhi is most developed city compare with any other cities in India. When comes to Delhi suburbs, they are providing ample job opportunity with the presence of IT hubs and other industries. This is due to vast increase in modern infrastructure and modern type of flats for sale in Delhi. Now the present Delhi suburbs are with amazing skylines. The highest tower is of 480 meters and there are many high-rise building above 200 meters. When comes to price of these properties, they are available for budget class to high value properties. The Delhi properties are more searched category in the web. Most of the prospective investors and homebuyers are online customers in India and by NRI’s interest too.

Future Trends of Delhi Suburbs in Realty Market
Delhi State Hood a Question Mark: The present government is with an opportunistic approach to provide separate state hood to national capital Delhi. If this happens there are many to be benefited living in Delhi and its suburban areas. This will be more beneficial to real estate industries and its investors and end-users. However, there are no signs of approval so far with the current politics. Economical they have more opportunity to grand separate state hood in term of population and economic developments.
Urbanization: The suburban areas of Delhi have more population and properties. These are of commercial and residential properties. This is due to concentration of service sector industries in the outskirts of Delhi. Due to ample job opportunity, many try to settle here in flats and apartments. The high-rise apartments are the dreams for the working class people and business class people in Delhi. This is also an investment option for many national and NRI’s. The value of properties are also growing rapidly that in future it may reach above eight digit figure in the outer areas of Delhi suburbs due to expansion. The prices of property are highly appreciated in the areas of Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgoan.
Concentration of SEZ: The Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a major booster for realty market in India. This is how the Delhi gets a modern or hitch building for residential and corporate purpose. The SEZ includes the large business complexes and residential accommodation for the people working in the SEZ. Such SEZ concentration has really boosted the property price in Delhi. The way the other projects as commercial complex and housing projects develop near a SEZ are best for investments. Either one can simple earn rent from these properties by the presence of IT SEZ working masses.
Expansion of Delhi Suburb: Due to scarcity of land and residential projects, there are many investors acquiring the land near the outer areas of Delhi suburbs. Either it is more developing towards the expressways, national highways and state highways. The demand for plots and lands are many here due to expected future price to be very high value.
Realty Business in Delhi: They are the main people to develop state of art construction or modern building in Delhi. Due to adopting what is latest in construction, the present building properties are worth for their cost. This is making homebuyers to look for more luxury homes, modern homes; high-rise apartments in and around Delhi. There projects like mega housing projects are beneficial to middle class people to own a dream home in Delhi. Many builders are developing the outer areas of Delhi by promoting their own projects and by collective investment projects. There are MNC realty entities to make ultra modern corporate office and high-end homes in Delhi.   

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Data entry jobs a very common job among the applicants who are looking for an opportunity which require less qualification and experience to get selected. The traditional data entry jobs require the operator to Copy, paste text regularly to fill simple forms .It does not require any special experience or technical expertise to complete the task. It is a monotonous type of job which requires repetitive actions. These jobs are considered a simple and manual type of job.

New Trend in Data Entry Jobs

There has been a change in trend in the job market regarding data entry profile. Employers are advertising through click banks to promote data entry jobs which will teach the interested people about how to earn money through data entry jobs.

How to find a reliable data entry jobs in Mumbai ?

Data entry jobs are available as a Freelancer,Full time or Part time depending on the person availability during the day. There are various data entry jobs available on the web for Mumbai location, but all of them are not reliable , some are scams or frauds to trap number of people for their earnings.

The best place to look for reliable Data entry jobs are Webmaster forums. Webmasters hire various people regularly to do data entry jobs so that they can advertise and update their websites. So they require hard working operators who are willing to learn and earn money through data entry jobs. Various operators are able to make thousand rupees a month by simple data entry jobs only. Sometimes it is difficult to track webmaster forums , o it is advisable to visit the forums regularly to get updates about recent data entry jobs in Mumbai .

You can search on the web regarding the various data entry jobs available on the web. The reviews provided by the previous operators who earned from it must be sharing their positive feedback on the page. And if the program is fraud you will get an idea from the comments available. So research on the web in detailed before joining any particular data entry jobs in Mumbai .You can also rely on the reports provided by the business organization regarding particular program’s reliability.

Online data entry jobs available in the city are the best available option for the house who want to earn money while taking care of their family members too. You need not to move out of your house , sit and work while being in your house only. Online jobs provide you an option to choose working hours, mostly depending on your availability. Some expertise in the computer and understanding about the tools will be helpful in getting work completed easily and to earn more money through data entry jobs. These jobs are also suitable for students and retired people who want to earn money and spend their time qualitatively. So you can choose job type accordingly.

You will find various data entry jobs in Mumbai , which will help you in understanding about the project You need to bid or apply on the job with detailed information about your past experience or projects handles till now. After getting the project , the owner will describe the requirement of the project. You can check the profile of the client or other bidders to get an idea about what type of people are interested in Data entry jobs.To get maximum earning from the data entry jobs you need to have basic understanding about the Computer usage , Software tool to be used for the job by the work provider and understanding about Microsoft Office.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Rated as one of the best screen capture tools to ever be created, Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac allows you to easily capture screen shots on your device, edit the recording and save them in any format of your choice. With the software, you can record screen on Mac, use the program to enhance the quality of your videos by getting rid of all the unwanted fragments and save your videos for watching later on any device.

How to use the software
Before you can start using the app, you need to download it first. After completing the installation process, you can then proceed to start capturing your videos on Mac. Besides just videos, you can also use the tool to capture Skype calls, video guides among others. 

The software comes with an inbuilt video editing program that allows the software to easily turn your raw screen grabs into awesome video clips that can even be presented before people. To enhance the quality of your videos, the tool allows you to chop off all the unwanted parts on your screen grabs, add a little bit of music to it and help you to join the different parts of the clips together to create one awesome video footage.
To make this tool efficient, the developers opted to make it easy to work with. Everything about the tool has been simplified to make it easy for everyone. You do not have to be a professional video editor to work with it; even the rookies in the field can work with the software without encountering any problems.  

The entire process has been simplified and includes only these four simple steps:
1) Set up your screen recording parameters
This should be your first step and it normally includes setting a frame rate that you consider ideal for you. The software allows you to capture footage at up to 60 fps. After that, you can adjust your screen recording area, capture audio files from any source and capture both your keyboard and mouse action.
2) Record
The second step involves capturing your screencast which is normally achieved with hot keys. The step also involves capturing screenshots as you are recording. If you wish to take a break from all this, just set the program time and allow it to finish capturing.
3) Edit your video
This is normally done so as to enhance the quality of your videos. Use the tool to divide the video into parts which then allows you get rid of the unnecessary parts. You can then add music and any transition styles you deem appropriate.
4) Save your video
Once the recording and editing part is done, you can go ahead and save the video in a flash, convert the same to the different formats and watch the same on any device of your choice.