Monday, 12 January 2015

Due to reasons ranging from personal, to professional to academic, one often has to make choices like change in place of residence. Considering the magnitude of the decision, one has to gauge over various factors such as- Ideal location within the new city, correct agent/owner, track record, prices, area, age of construction etc. Ideally when it comes to buying/renting or selling a property the dilemma that everyone faces is proper price, a seller doesn’t want to sell at a low price and a buyer doesn’t want to buy at a high price.

To carefully look over all these factors by relying on acquaintances located at that location may not give complete knowledge. Also, there is no surety that the information they have is valid and authentic. Getting in touch with brokers is not only expensive but also lacks credibility. They give selective information and may gloss over the information about their own property. They may show properties that yield them maximum commissions. Day on day we have heard about the increased percentage of broker commission, this affects the budget to a great extent and can also proof to be end of losing a lot of money. In places like Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi brokering rates have reach about 30 % of the annual rent of the renting property. Brokers also ensure that the charge the buyer as well as the seller.

At this crossroad, an extremely transparent, user-friendly and credible real estate portal like comes to rescue. It has no vested interest with any particular agent/broker. Hence, it gives you correct information. It also ensures that the broker has a clean track-record to protect the website users from frauds and over charging. is a Mumbai based property listing startup, recently in news for purchasing domain and a national number for one million dollar. Before it was As per a recent interview with the co-founder Advitiya Sharma he believes that they will be able to accomplish the first international target within the next 6 months. enables you to compare prices depending upon area (size), locality and gauge the facilities available. One may seek furnished or unfurnished accommodation, and he/she may filter out based on his/preference. The map based search enables the buyer to understand the available conveniences like markets, schools, medical facilities etc. as they form a major part of one’s life. It helps and individual to plan-out everything that can either be a positive point or a negative point while choosing a place to live.
Even for those who want to sell off their property or rent their property, portals provide a direct bridge to reach potential customers without having to pay huge sums of money to brokers by providing property free ads posting. In addition, a broker may push the prospective customer to buy property whose seller pays higher brokerage to the broker. Broker may try to convince the buyer in favor of the property for which he receives greater commission. This behavior is unfair to both the buyer and the sellers who cannot afford to pay exorbitant amounts to the broker. helps to portray the details of the selling property in such a way that it gathers all required details under one roof. If a prospect wants any other specific details about the posted property, he can directly contact the seller.

Online real estate portals provide information that is accurate, has been well researched and ensure that brokers/owners provide accurate information to the customers. They act as a steady bridge between sellers and customers and ensure that deal occurs without delay and false information. They ensure that customers contact the owner/broker only if they are pleased with various aspects of the particular property mentioned on the portal, so that their (broker’s, owner’s and customer’s) time doesn’t get wasted.

Friday, 9 January 2015

We are living in the 21st century, the century of technology, the globalized generation where all the things are on our fingertips! We are using shopping online, booking our tickets and a lot more! But For those who are looking for rent house or place to buy in your local areas or other places. Property site is the perfect site to find the best house under your budget using your Android device and PC tablet. has also produced real estate search app for Android users which you can directly download in your Android smartphones or PC tablets, to start searching for your dream house. A revolutionary platform to find your dream house with just few clicks with 100% verified buyers .Trust me no real estate search app has been so effective to get you connected to your dream home in a single click.

Quick and Friendly Navigation:

The user interface and quick navigation emphasizes the swiftness of your browsing the official site with 3G along with 2G connection and you are landed on your result page in few seconds. Due to high preference to user friendliness they has optimized for good user experience.


When you explore the application, you reach the landing page with all the verified properties featuring original pictures for your desired location or city with 100% verified sellers

100% Verified Pictures & sellers

When you have the rundown of shortlisted properties, you can have a virtual visit to these properties and calm down without any tension about being cheated over your decision. You should do nothing more than to tap one from the rundown and it opens with the obliged subtle elements alongside the photographs watermarked as Verified under your budget. This recommends that the property has been rightfully gone to and checked by the group and all the pictures are likewise clicked by them as well and enrolls just confirmed properties. All  photograph are taken on different angles for different rooms and places like kitchen, bed room, drawing room or gardens etc. This would certainly help the buyer to get more information & more clear views and ideas for the house you are looking for rent or purchase.


Finally When you are getting ready for purchasing your home or for rent, you are certainly need little idea about the surroundings and atmosphere of the location [ whether you are safe or something else]. scores each property on way of life, neighborhood and societal position, giving you clear ideas about the locality & different things related to this which is the best thing I love about them.

Map presentation

Map presentation is very helpful tool integrated which helps in understanding the location of the house along with relative areas. Incase if you don’t love the housing you find on one area, you can opt for another house in same locality. Map helps in understanding how many more option you have on the near located areas.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Coupons are becoming a new pre-shopping habit in the market these days, there are many ecommerce websites popping up who are pushing their discount coupons to market themselves in this industry. Hence there has been a new trend to getting a coupon code every time you go online to buy anything. The discounts may not be really heavy but it is always worth to get anything back as compared to nothing. One of the few mobile recharging websites have been selling these coupons on their websites for very long time now and hence there have been more competitors working along the same line. However, there is a new player in the market who has followed something really opposite to the old market trend.

These days you have been going for a recharge and then claiming few coupons against the amount of recharge done by you, but this player named as couponchaska has taken a different stand. Now, I would not hesitate in commenting that the layout of the website is little tough and they still need to make that little more responsive but the concept is something unique. Coupons like purplle coupons and foodpanda coupons are too famous to start with.

As a user you will not have to register on this website at all, rather you will have to get a coupon code from this website and enter your mobile number and email address whenever you do that. Once you shop anything with the help of the coupon code retrieved from that website, you will be get eligible to get a recharge upto the amount of 120 INR, and this recharge will be done within 10 days of your shopping.

There can be a situation where you might not receive any confirmation or the recharge amount within that tenure but not to worry because they have a proper process to taking care of such issues. Make sure that you do not lose out on the details related to coupon code which was used by you as they will be helpful while proceeding with your complaint. This is a great measure to actually use the discounts because mobile recharge is something on which we really spend a lot through the month. Use it once as you don’t have to invest anything into it while using the coupon codes, and let us know about your experience, put them into the comments section, we would be happy to share them with our readers.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Askmebazaar has also entered the space of B2B industry, where they are planning to sell the product in bulk to many other companies under the name of This is something, which can be marked as somewhat innovative in this sector of ecommerce. Usually the heaviest contenders in this industry have been fighting for B2C space and the recent sale event by Flipkart fully justifies that.
This new space launched by Askmebazaar takes care of all the whole sale sellers and buyers. Usually when you want to order any kind of office supplies in bulk, then it is really difficult to get the right guy who would sell the stuff at the correct price point but somehow. There are many middle men and intermediaries involved in the whole buying process which lets to the inflation in price by a huge amount. This platform by askmebazaar helps you to get rid of all those intermediaries and get in touch directly with the sellers.

With a nominal fee of 1000 INR you will be able to register on that website as buyer and then you can get the details of all the sellers available on the portal. Once you choose few of the sellers, you can ask them to send the sample and then ask them further to send a quote of the price of their products. The shipment of those products will be taken care by the seller and no extra amount will be deducted at the payment for those products.
Once you retrieve the details of the customers, you can be touch with them for long term relations and then you won’t have to use this platform again and again. However, for the newbies this platform can help them to prevent their payment if the delivery done the seller was faulty or if the buyer wishes to return the material due to any other reason.
The same kind of approach was followed by Alibaba in its initial days of existence and it proved out to be really beneficial for them. Let us see how this works out for them, though the traffic on this website is huge till now but if your business is new then you can start with ordering bulk orders of the products with low monetary value. Please, do let us know about your experience related to this portal and stay tuned for more info.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Casino games are generally considered a way of winning - or just spending - time, no matter if we are speaking of real life casinos or online establishments. Some people consider gambling a sin, or illegal - sometime slaws of certain territories do the same, banning any form of gambling except for government lotteries. Some of us, though, consider many forms of gambling tobe an entertaining way to spend sometime (and not necessarily money), especially online - casino gaming can be as fun as lucrative like in government lotteries

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, each one with it sown offer of games, bonuses and benefits. Most of them require their players to register and deposit a certain amount of cash in their account before allowing them to access their games, but others - including my favorite, the roulette online - give players the chance to try their games without any restrictions, with no real money involved - without even requiring them to create an account.

At the roulette online casino table games in their offer are listed right on the first page of their website, in several categories - table games, video poker, progressive games, casual games and slot machines (these are the reason I keep returning to this online casino). The games can be launched in 'demo mode' with just one click - they are browser-based, so players don't have to download anything (except for the Adobe Flash browser plugin, and only once) to start gambling for demo funds. Also, players can choose to play the same games in 'real money' mode, after registering at the casino and depositing some funds.

For those deciding to give real money gambling a try, Roulette online has a welcome bonus: a deposit match on their first, second and third deposit, upto a total of $1,200, depending on the currency used for depositing the funds. Using certain payment methods - all of them are e-walletservices - canalsomean a bonus applied to the player's first ever deposit - the bonus codes are listed on the website which is in Malta

In conclusion, a few words about the casino and its operator.

The company, with its head quarters and gambling license in Malta, operates a series of high-rated online gambling establishments, including the 7Sultans, Euro Palace and Platinum Play online casinos, the Poker Time online poker room and several online bingohalls. Fortune Loungeis a long time partner of Microgaming, one of the leading software developers in the industry. All Fortune Lounge casinos feature games from this developer, and have the 'Safe & Fair' certificate issued by the independent certification authorityeCogra.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Internet marketing is rising. Notably with increasing cost of taxes, land and property bricks and mortar stores are decreasing quickly. Internet marketing enables dealers and individuals to purchase/sell goods far fast and be hassle-free too along with saving prices. While many online shopping portal sites cater to the consumer marketplace, not many are there for the sellers. DealGuru has now come up with AskMeBazaar - an online portal, which considerably aid sellers, liquidate their stock inventory. We take a look at a few of the features and advantages it provides around others.

They make it work

The AskMeBazaar has a formidable group, which scouts the various deals from sellers throughout the nation and makes them accessible at great discounts.

AskMeBazaar requests merchandise samples from sellers; reviews and quotes an appropriate sum, and upon verification from seller, the deal is made live on DealGuru.
All the required photo-shoots and content is generated by AskMeBazaar for the product.
DealGuru generates the orders and delivers goods to the buyers.
A Confirmation call made to buyer upon successful delivery.
After a successful delivery the sum is transferred to the sellers after due tax write-off of fulfilment charges and fee.

Their committed online shopping portal is managed by Getit Stored Private Limited. The sellers provide wholecountrywide coverage with few exclusions because of logistic reasons. However, international delivery isn't managed in the second. A 10-day transportation window is provided to any product for successful delivery (which may on rare occasions take more time due to difficult terrain). Usually, all delivery are free but they may be duly notified to the purchaser if costs use. Order cancellation is, in addition, accessible at the behest of buyer. Order tracking is provided for buyer's convenience and all cash on delivery order payments ought to be cleared during the time of order delivery.

Merchandise Ranges Accessible

A wide range of product is accessible for customers. Reductions of upto 90% are available on many products as well. The key groupings DealGuru covers are Attire & Fashion Accessories, Art & Decorative Items, Automobile Accessories, Bags & Luggage, Computers & Peripherals, Cosmetics & Colognes, Fitness, Wellness & Health Care, Footwears, Furnishings, Furniture, Gifts & Flowers, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Industrial Equipments & Machinery, Jewellery, Mobiles, Mom & Infant, Protection & Safety, Fabrics & Leather Product, Toys, TV, Audio & Video, Watches & Eye Wears - which covers almost all your online shopping needs to buy and sell both.

With increasing demand and increasing net penetration in India, sellers can save a lot by selling goods through online portals. Such an opportunity is provided by DealGuru from AskMeBazaar the sellers can certainly liquidate their stocks and cash on delivery and revel in the buyers can buy at great discount rates without the hassle of hunting for a brick and mortar store. With such committed and unique network, DealGuru appears to really have a bright future supplying both seller and buyer gratification at levels that are equivalent.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

When you are talking about messenger app, then you cannot shy away from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is the best messaging app for smartphones, and WhatsApp Download is completely free. But this wonderful app which enhanced our communication style also lacked some features and this is the reason WhatsApp Plus came into action. WhatsApp Plus, somehow compensates for the missing features and themes of the WhatsApp messenger app. WhatsApp Plus is all about cool new themes, some enhanced features and brand new color. It is also available for almost all the platforms, including Android, iOS devices, Blackberry, etc. So, it doesn’t matter which operating system you are holding in your hand, WhatsApp Plus can be downloaded in it comfortably. It is even made available for the PC, so now you can catch up with friends while working on your assignments as well. You can download WhatsApp for PC free of cost and installation is quite easily too.

Several new features incorporated

On WhatsApp Plus, you will be able to customize the whole thing as per your preference. If you are bored of the color green, then here is a refreshing blue color waiting for you. You can change color and make changes in terms of themes as well. Here is a list of things that is new and exciting in WhatsApp Plus, as compared to that of WhatsApp and they are as follows –
  • WhatsApp only offered the color green and there was no scope of customizing the color, but with WhatsApp plus you will be able to change the color to Orange or Purple. In case you like the color blue, then you can stick to it as it is the default color of WhatsApp. Otherwise, you can go for green as well.
  • WhatsApp Plus will allow you to select a particular text from the full message; this is highly effective when you are trying to share something that you like from the entire text. Rather than sending the whole message, you can select only the best part of the message and forward it.
  • In WhatsApp Plus, the status will be displayed just below the chat allowing you to easily check out what your friends are up to
  • You will be able to comfortably upload up to 50MB of media file in here
  • Different color options are available to mark the messages which are already read and the messages which are not opened yet. Moreover, if there are some important messages in there, then you can highlight them as well
  • Location sharing is also made possible in WhatsApp Plus
  • Now no need to reduce the size of the image, instead you can send in high resolution images in the actual size only
  • The process of sharing music is made simple as now you will be able to do it with the help of single click only.
  • In case you do not want some people to see the profile image of yours, then you will be able to hide it easily in WhatsApp Plus
  • If you are fond of changing themes, then there is good news for you because WhatsApp Plus has made several themes available for you.